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Some authors will be presenting their papers in an area of the ICA Town Square designated for Poster Presentations.

Attendees will be able to speak to these authors during the breaks between sessions.

The first group of authors will be available on Monday and Tuesday, while the second group will be available on Wednesday and Thursday. The entire list of Poster Presentations is outlined below.

Poster Papers – Monday, Tuesday

Exhibit Hall A

Yunusi : Representation of Economics its Parameters by Polynomial Model

Kovacs; Richter- Hablicsekne: Mortality of People Entitled to Pensions and Pension-Type Benefits

Aalabaf-Sabaghi: Retirement With and Without a Hump

Afonso: Social Security Reform: Is the Brazilian Pension System Actuarially Fair?

De La Peña; Herrera: Three Levels of the Dependence Coverage in Spain

Grushka: Too Many Questions (and Some Answers) about the Pension System in Argentina

Machado Sierra: "FONPET" An Example to Follow

Shamsuddinov: Lee-Carter Mortality Forecasting for Uzbekistan

Poster Papers – Wednesday, Thursday

McIntosh: CERA - A Global Risk Management Qualification for the Future

Yunusi: Optimal and Extreme Economic Model with Crisis, a Risk and Catastrophe

Grigoriu: Advanced Portfolio Insurance Techniques for Funding Ratio Management

Doll, Cowling, McDougall: Actuaries and Public Outreach

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