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Sponsor Information

Procedures regarding Complimentary Delegates for Sponsors

Information is provided below for the complimentary delegate badges that are one of the benefits provided to our sponsors.

There is a special registration process for these personnel. For information regarding Exhibitor badges for your exhibit booth personnel, please refer to the Exhibitor Information page.

Complimentary Delegate Registrations

Each ICA 2014 Sponsor is entitled to a specified number of complimentary delegate registrations:

Platinum 6
Gold 4
Silver 2
Bronze 1

The complimentary delegate registrations are for the full week of ICA 2014. However, at the time of registering its complimentary delegates, a Sponsor may choose to replace one or more full-week complimentary delegate registrations with a comparable number of half-week delegate registrations for a fee of $100 per half-week delegate registration.

One full week registration + $200→Two half-week registrations

The half-week registrations can be selected for either half of the ICA week. This selection occurs at the time of registration. Simply select the half-week that is relevant for you, and pay the requisite conversion fee.

Complimentary Delegate Registrations

The sponsorship benefits do not include complimentary registrations for accompanying persons. Accompanying Persons attending with Complimentary Delegates pay the regular fees for Accompanying Persons. These Accompanying Persons may be registered then using either the special Registration Process or the regular ICA 2014 registration process.

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